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Alber Towing & Recovery is in the customer service business.

Anyone reading that sentence could easily assume that we're just using buzzwords like those used by many others.

We take the words Customer Service to heart.

Our philosophy, our training, the attention to detail, the care we take of your vehicle and the speed and consistency of our service all add up to the most professional, trusted towing company in the region.

You can count on us.

Road Angels
We developed the term Road Angels to help describe a key component of our service — helping motorists. Our drivers understand the helpless feeling of having a flat tire, being stranded, locked out of your vehicle, stuck in a winter snow, or out of fuel.

In those circumstances, we'd want our families to know that the help they called or e-mailed was going to be prompt, courteous, calm, and professional — you too should expect nothing less, and that's the way we help solve problems on the road.

You'll appreciate the care we give your vehicle — with the right technique, the right equipment, and the experience to know how to use it. And Alber Road Angel is just a call or e-mail away. You can count on us. In addition to towing, recovery, and roadside assistance, we also provide vehicle transport services.

Our Drivers
All of our drivers are certified wreck masters and are highly skilled at what they do. In addition, we are proud to boast that our drivers abide by our customer service motto, which is, "We take the words Customer Service to heart."

Contact us today in Freeport, Illinois, for towing services, roadside assistance, or vehicle transport services.